Travel Trends 2013

Year 2013 has brought new travel trends all about adventure. The roads and the places that drawed no attraction will now be more attracted by tourists due to their exotic beauty.


Northern Lights
According to NASA's prediction this March of 2013 the aurora borealis will be at a solar maximum giving the aurora's a spectacular view in 50 years. The best places to view them will be Sweden, Norway, and Iceland, so these countries this year are expecting increased tourism.

River Cruises
Cruises are best choice for adventurers in a way of exploring multiple cities and destinations. Cruises often just go through the same route especially river cruises down the Danube and the Rhine, but cruise lines are now adding new routes down the Irrawaddy in Myanmar, the Mekong in South East Asia, the Brazilian Amazon, and the Zambezi in Botswana, So these new cruises will allow the Western traveller to comfortably explore less familiar destinations.

Asian Animal Safaris
Now in 2013 forget the African Safari and turn towards Asian Safari. The continent of Asia has one of exotic animals too like Tigers, Gibbons, and Komodo Dragons.

Food and Wine Tours in South America
Travel companies provide you tours to the areas in your visiting country noty only from where you can get a tasty food , but learn about their culture and traditions as well. These places include Argentina, Chile, and Peru.