Tips to help your trip to go easier

You are getting ready for your trip. You are rushing to get to the airport on time.  Here are some ideas to help you move through the travel issues and begin your vacation.


  1. When parking the car, back into the spot. Leave the front open just in case your battery is dead when you get back. This would be easier for the tow truck driver to get access to the battery or is able to tow it.
  2. Leave time to get from your car to the shuttle to the airport. Plan accordingly to allow for the shuttle to disembark the people on the shuttle and allow time for you to get on the shuttle.
  3. Pack essentials in your carry on. Pack a spare set of clothes, and flip flops. You could pack the 5 oz liquids in the top of the bag and if there are any questions it is easier to show the screeners.
  4. If a) your baggage is lost or delayed; b) you miss your connection and will be late checking in; or c) you are going to a destination you've never visited before, you'll want to have complete contact information for your hotel on your person. Before you leave home, print out the hotel's name, address and phone number, and program the latter into your cell phone. It's also a good idea to print out a map of the hotel's neighborhood, whether for your own use or to show to a confused cab driver.
  5. Know your flight number. It will be easier when you are at a small or foreign airport that do not list all the airlines.
  6. Save your boarding pass. Having that will show proof that you flown and give you the credit for the flying miles. Also if you are self employed, the boarding pass can be used for a tax exemption.
  7. Mark your bags with some colorful ribbon or stickers. Most luggage looks the same. By marking it with a ribbon can help you find the luggage quickly.
  8. Notify your bank that you are going to be traveling and to let your card be able to use there.

So here are some tips to help you when you start your trip.