Things you need to bring on your Cruise

Things you need for a Cruise.


Make sure your passport is valid and up to date with all the people in the party. You can check with the United States Department of State travel information website for more information. There are some exceptions, if you are cruising to and from the same port, all you need is a state ID and government issued birth certificate for all people traveling. Also, you may want to check all the requirements with your cruise liner.


Clearly write your information on your luggage tags. Even better, use a business card with your name on it or type your information. It makes it easier for the crew member to read. Also you may want to take a picture of the luggage, just in case it gets lost. As they say, a picture is more than 1000 words. Sometimes it is hard to describe what the difference between your luggage and everyone else’s luggage.


Bring a carry on for the essentials you need. Once the luggage is checked, you may not see it for a couple of hours. You may pack a swimsuit, sunscreen,  another outfit,  important documents (which I recommend to have copies on a thumb drive), tickets, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer and some other items you may need.


If you get seasick, or if you do not know if you do, bring some anti nausea pills or ginger to settle your stomach.