Some ideas to go on Vacation

Where to go on vacation in the United States? I ask myself all the time. Do I want to go to the beach? Do I want to shop? Do I want to tackle the next new roller coaster? Well here are some ideas to help you solve that question.


  1. Do you want Adventure? You can go to the Grand Canyon in Arizona where President Roosevelt stated “The Grand Canyon is the one great site which every American should see”. Hike or rent a bike to view the beautiful views.
  2. Do you want to go to the beaches and enjoy the sun? Florida and California has the beaches you are looking for.
  3. Do you want to learn history? There are plenty of cities to learn about history. Washington DC has many places like the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. New York City has many museums and places to visit. Boston has a plethora of historic places to visit like walking the Freedom Trail, and many museums.
  4. Do you want some wholesome family fun? Orlando Florida and Anaheim California has multiple places for theme parks that the whole family can enjoy. San Diego also has beaches and places to go like zoos and some theme parks also.
  5. Do you just want to relax? Sedona Arizona is the place to be for personal enrichment with yoga and therapy retreats.  Los Angeles offers multiple spas to help you calm down.
  6. Thinking of a romantic trip? Try Charleston South Carolina. The lovely bed and breakfast has room for you. Take a walk around King street. Enjoy the sandy beaches and ocean views. New Orleans offers beautiful French Quarter atmospheres. Lovely music to dance by and courtyard cafe to chat and hold hands.
  7. Where to go for shopping vacation? Some of the best places to go on a shopping vacation are New York City, Beverly Hills California, Miami Florida. You can find almost anything you want in these cities.
  8. Do you want to go to casinos? Some of the famous places to go are Las Vegas Nevada, Atlantic City, New Jersey, Reno Nevada and more. Most of these cities do not just offer casinos, they offer shows, museums, great food and more.
  9. How about Skiing or Snowboarding?  Lake Tahoe offers great resorts to stay. Vail Colorado offers over 5000 sq ft of trails to ski.

So here are some ideas to go on your vacation. Remember it is your vacation and do what you want to do!