Some free items airlines still give out.

Airlines do not like to give anything away. But here are some small  things that the airline will be able to give away for free, if you ask for them nicely.


  1. Slippers- Some airlines (especially on long flights) will give you slippers or socks. People should not be walking around the plane in bare feet. So the flight attendant will pass out them to you. They might not be available in coach, but they might have a few left over from first class.
  2. Toothpaste, most airlines have small dental hygiene kits. Your teeth will thank you and so will the other passengers.
  3. A Lot of the airlines offer activity packs for children such as coloring books, crayons. Some offer tablets loaded with children’s games and movies. This will make the children occupied and calm in the air, and the other passengers happy.
  4. First aid supplies. The flight attendants cannot give out medication or aspirin or over the counter items. But they can provide some medical supplies like Band Aids or antibiotic ointments.
  5. Most airlines do not offer meals anymore. But may have extra food from first class. You could ask the flight attendant and he or she might be able to give you something.
  6. Ear Plugs. Anyone know how loud the plane is, especially when trying to sleep. You can ask the flight attendant and he/she should be able to pass some ear plugs to you.
  7. Sleep masks:. The flight attendants may not pass them out, especially during the day. But they give them out during evening flights,
  8. More drinks. You can ask for as many as you would like. You can even ask before the cart is out. Just be polite.
  9. You can meet your pilot. Just ask the flight attendant. Most airlines allow you to meet the pilot. As long as you are not making any trouble or being disruptive.


So here are some small free items that the hotel will give you. Just be polite and courteous and you will get the items requested.