Some electronic packing tips for your next trip

There is nothing to make you feel more helpless than needing something when you are traveling and you realize that you forgot to pack it. Here is a packing list of items you might need on your travels.


  • Universal (All-in-One) Plug Adapter. Nothing is worse when you cannot use your hairdryer at a European hotel because you have the wrong plug. Now you can find universal adapters with extensions included.
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones- These headphones cancel out the noise of the airplane, children crying, and just general noise on an airplane. Or can be a get away for the mom who is trying to rest after traveling with children.
  • USB Flash Drive- You can keep a copy of your passport just in case it is stolen. You can show the hotel your itinerary if needed to be printed out. It is always good to have extra copies of paperwork on you in multiple forms.
  • Portable phone chargers- In this world where almost everyone has a smart phone or cell phone and want to keep in touch, you will need to get a phone charger that will help you keep your phone charged to keep in touch. The cheaper chargers do not last long, so I recommend that you use a little more expensive charger.
  • Car charger- When traveling in a car, you can charge your tablet, phone and other electrical items.
  • Wireless mini router. If you are using your laptop and have a hardwire connection, you can make a secure wifi connection.
  • Use airplane mode while flying. It will not interrupt the plane’s guidance system and your battery will last longer.


So there are some items you will probably need during your travels, Sometimes you might want to pack a bag with the items in there if you travel a lot. With these tips, hopefully your trip will not stink because you forgot an item.