No more Tour Guides

No More Tour Guides….There is an App for that.


Do you remember a time when you went on museum tours listening to the tour guide explaining the facts of the windows, the path you are taking, or the history of the object and wondering what they just said? Well thanks to Apple and Android, you can get your own personal tour guide with certain apps.



Here are some advantages of using the apps, The fees for the tours on the app are usually free to up to $20. So you do not have to pay the expensive price for the tour guides.You can go at your own pace. You do not have to stick to the guide’s schedule. You can do a little exploring to the area. It is your tour, not the entire group tour. Better sound. You are listening to digital sound not someone shouting for all to hear.


Here are some disadvantages to using a mobile tour guide, You would have to pay for the guides. It all depends upon if the place has wi-fi or you can use your data and that can get expensive. You will not get the personal touch that you can get from the own tour guide.


After you download some apps, you can find historical buildings, restaurants, “Biggest ball of twine” and other things with just opening an app. These apps can get you the address and phone number of the business you would want to see. You can check your app store and download the tour guide today. Just check out your app store!