Learn how to keep your valuables safe while on vacation

Crime happens every day. In the United States or abroad. Here some ideas that can keep you and your valuables safe.


  1. Use your hotel’s safe. Use the safe for your passport, jewelry and any other possessions you would like to keep safe. If there is no safe in the room, use the hotel’s safe. Make sure you have a receipt from the front desk.
  2. Never open your hotel room door for anyone that you do not know. If someone states they work for the hotel, call down to the front desk and verify that the person at the door works for the hotel.
  3. Make sure the hotel door closes when you leave the room. Some doors make a loud noise when closing, but some do not close fully. Make sure you close the door.
  4. Do not be obvious when you are walking around the city. Plan your route accordingly. Don’t ask directions from strangers. Don’t walk around the city with a map open. You can step into a business to ask for directions.
  5. Watch where you keep your wallet. Try not to use a designer purse or fanny pack. You may want to keep a dummy wallet with nothing in it. If you are being robbed toss the phoney wallet away from you.

So here are some ideas to keep in mind when traveling anywhere. Some common sense goes a long way.