Keep your personal information safe while on vacation

Every day people loose their information online. Here are some tips to keep your personal information safe while traveling.

  1. Avoid public WIFI. When you check into public wifi at restaurants and hotels, you personal information could be taken from you. You might think about getting a portable router to set up your own Hot Spot.
  2. You can use a password to open your smart phone. Then you can change it regularly. You can enable location tracking and wiping software. It this case if your phone is lost or stolen, you can wipe out your information and destroy the data.
  3. Watch what you post online. If you use geo-tracking and letting people know where you are on social media, it can give thieves the information that you are not home. Wait until you get back home to post your pictures.
  4. Bring only the information that you need. For example, just bring the passport only, not your birth certificate and social security card. Also do not bring all your credit cards, just a few. Also use the safe or another location to keep important papers secure.
  5. Keep a record of all the papers you have with you. You can keep a copy on a thumbdrive or copies with you. It is so important to know what you have and what is missing.
  6. Monitor your credit and bank information. Contact the company as soon as you see that something is incorrect,
  7. Protect yourself while away. Contact the post office and have your mail stopped while you are on vacation. A full mailbox is a big signal to let thieves know you are away. They can easily steal your bills and information.

So here are some things to protect yourself while you are away from your home, and keep your personal information safe.