Items to help with the long flight.

Going on a trip soon? Flying? Here are some suggestions of items to have on the next flight!


1 ) Eye Masks. This little item helps block out light to help you sleep and get the rest you need. Some offer cooling effects, extra blackout features, aromatherapy or charcoal to help with those darn headaches.

2) Noise cancelling headphones. These headphones block out typical airline noises. Some headphones also connect via bluetooth to an MP3 player to let you listen to your music.

3) Music Apps, these apps are free or you might have to pay a small fee. You can download some songs from the apss and then play them while in flight. The paid music apps let you download your favorite songs, You can skip certain songs, and also avoid advertisements.

4) Air hook. This beauty is a wonderful invention. It is a hook and built in cup holder that mounts to the tray table. It frees up some space around you. You can mount your tablet to help you watch a movie. The cup holder will help keep your drink in place when you are flying into turbulence.

5) You and your friends are not sitting together on the flight..You can dowload  an app that connects via bluetooth. Where you can text each other during your flight and not argue which person is hogging the armrest.

6) Charging Packs for the electronics we use on the flights. You can find charging points for a small fee or you can go with cases that are rechargeable and protects the phone or tablet.

7) Tablets and E Readers. These items can hold tons of e-books, apps and movies to keep you busy throughout the flight or at a layover!

So here are some items that will help you keep busy and or rest on flights. Relax and enjoy!