Is traveling good for your health?

Did you know traveling is good for your health? Here are some reasons traveling is good for you. 1)Traveling keeps you moving. You are always on the go. Moving around gets the heart pumping. Walking helps reduces stress and releases hormones that will help you relax.2) You will improve your brain health. You can learn new things, and figure out options differently. While traveling, you can learn about different cultures, histories and more. Scientist have found that walking is excellent for growing your brain to help with short term and long term memory.3) Getting fresh air. The more you spend walking, you will get the boost of oxygen. You can smell new odors. The brain gets more oxygen, therefore it releases the good hormones. 4) Traveling helps you destress. When you travel, you boost the good hormones into the body which releases the stress away from your body. When traveling you unwind. When traveling, you are not watching the clock thinking that you need to get the kids and cook dinner tonight. You can set you own pace to do what you need to do. 5) Traveling helps you become more creative. Traveling helps you get out of the comfort zone. You have to look at issue differently. You can also see how others handle stress and use that knowledge in your life. 6) Traveling helps with social connections. We are social animals. We need connections. Traveling helps you reach out to people. You get to spend more time with your travel companions and build a stronger bond. You can support each other when feeling blue. The more people you meet, the more confidence you will gain. 7) Traveling helps you too boost weight loss. Walking, hiking, swimming and more outdoor activities gets your body to move and then help burn calories. The issue is that you do not overdo the eating. Try to follow a healthy balanced diet. Also the more you do, then you will crave junk less. So traveling is good for the body and mind. Please think of this the next time you go on vacation and enjoy your new experiences.