Ideas with Traveling with Family and Friends

Ideas with Traveling with Family and Friends


I have been wondering about traveling with family and friends. Not just the fun parts, but when everyone gets on each other’s nerves. Someone’s baby is crying and the single family member is not used to it. What do you do?  Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but what happens when you just want to be alone for a little bit?

So I have been thinking about some things. For example, who pays for dinner? Please discuss this before you even leave. One family can pay for all one night and other the next night. Or, everyone can pay their own way. Do not wait for the dinner to be over and then no one takes the check.


Dinner time: You can plan for a romantic evening without the children, Leave the children with the family. Then one night you take all the children and the other family members can have a relaxing dinner alone. (Fair is Fair: do not take advantage).


Create a meeting point. Everyone can do their own thing to a specific hour, then meet up to do some things together.


Try to have fun. Look for the good times that you each spend together. Enjoy, take plenty of pictures. Remember this is a vacation, just relax, the good times will be there.