How to stay connected overseas

How to Stay Connected When Traveling Overseas.


  1. Bring your own phone and sign up for international or global plans. It is good for contacting people back home because you have your own number. You can call museums, make dining reservations and more.
  2. You can bring your phone and sign into WIFI. You can make calls over the internet. You can do almost anything over the internet. Some cities are wifi enabled. You might have a issue finding an WiFI hotspot. (You can Skype, Oovo, Viber, Google Hangout, Facetime, etc)
  3. You can buy a European SIM card. You can use your new European phone number to make calls. You can also buy a cheap cell phone with the new European SIM card.
  4. You can also use internet cafes and public computers to check up on your emails. Just remember to log out of everything you signed into.