How to not use your cell phone on vacation

You planned for this vacation for so long. You are going to put your feet up and relax, climb all the mountains you can, or do what you want on your vacation. The one thing that will be hard for you is to go off the grid. Shut your social media apps off, ignore your email, people that need to contact you in an emergency know how to contact you at the hotel. Here are some ideas to not use your email or cell phone on vacation.


  1. Don’t worry about your emails. They will be there when you get back. You can work on them now, but there might be a chance you cannot do anything while away. Your stress level will probably increase because there is nothing you can do and you will worry for the rest of your trip.
  2. Make a plan to disconnect. Let people know you are away for a time. Let your clients aware that you will away and to give some contacts to them. Let your work people and family know where you are staying. Let them know that they can contact you for emergencies only.
  3. Try to clear up your work before your vacation. Try to finish all the work that you can do before you leave.
  4. Try to leave your work cell phone home. Get a regular camera that is not attached to your cell and take pictures the old fashioned way. Try to do things that keeps you busy so that you are not attached to your phone and  you are not tempted to check your email.
  5. If you cannot completely get away from the emails and apps, set a specific time to check all that you need to check. Also keep that time, for example, a ½ hour and shut down after the ½ hour.


So here are some ideas to no use your cell phone or check your email when you are on vacation. Enjoy, relax and remember, it is your vacation.