How to avoid getting sick on vacation

Picture this: You planned out your vacation to the last minute, The bags are packed. You are on the way to the airport and that one sneeze happens. Nothing is worse than getting sick on your vacation. So I thought about some things that could be helpful to prevent some illness.


  1. Try to get some more Vitamin C in you. Ascorbic acid can be absorbed into the body and boost your body to fight off the cold in a shorter amount of time. You might want to use nasal mist to rehydrate yourself from the drying effects of the airplane.
  2. Keep hydrated. Keep yourself from getting worn down. Staying hydrated helps your body fight off germs. Sometimes when traveling, you can forget to hydrate especially when you are moving around more. You may want to take a couple of bottles of water with you and drink one bottle before your destination and the other after.
  3. Filtered water is the best. When traveling try not to drink ice in your drink. Usually the water in other countries are fine, but your body will not be used to the local bacteria. You can use the local tap water, but have the water pass through a filter, so that you will not get the bacteria that might get you sick.
  4. Get plenty of rest. Chances are you will get sick when your body is worn down or stressed.  So make sure you are getting your eight hours of sleep in per night.
  5. Wash your hands, Become afraid of germs, Wash your hands. Avoid touching your face while traveling. Use some alcohol based sanitizer. Wash or wipe your hands.
  6. Use sun block. Of course you should use sun block all the time, but use sunblock in vacation. You do not want a sever burn or even sun poisoning or sun stroke. You would want to avoid itchy skin or stomach problems.
  7. While swimming in a pool or lake, rinse off after swimming. Chlorine does not kill bacteria. Most pools and lakes can have infections such as pinkeye, and germs that can give you diarrhea. Do not drink the water in the pool or lakes.

So here are some things to try to prevent getting sick on vacation. Get plenty of rest. Stay hydrated. Wash your hands when you can. Hopefully you can avoid getting sick on your vacation.