Holiday Travel Tips

The holidays are here! Time for family, food and travel. Here are some holiday travel tips to help you arrive at your destination headache free. 1) Do not travel during peak times. Try to avoid rush hours when traveling by car. Try to travel on Tuesday for flying. 2) Try to leave earlier than normal to get to the airport for the flight. Things happen, traffic always happens. Leave yourself plenty of time to get to the airport. I would rather wait for a little bit in the airport than try to rush and not know if you will make it. 3) Speaking of airports, most airports are not just for traveling anymore. Many have malls, art shows, shops, restaurants, some have spas and yoga rooms. So now you can spend your extra hours waiting shopping, getting a massage and looking at art.4) Make a reservation with a hotel that offers a room that includes parking for the length of your trip. Most hotels offer shuttle service to and from the airport. ParkSleepHotels can help you leave your car at a hotel for the time that you are gone. So no worries about where you are going to park your car while you are away.5) Print out your boarding pass at home to avoid the ticket counter lines. You can also show your tickets from your smartphone. (Bonus eco friendly no papers required). 6) Pack lightly for your trip. Maybe even use only a carry on. 1) You do not have to check in luggage. 2) You will not have to wait to get your luggage after the flight. 7) Always have a backup plan, If driving, find alternate roads to travel. If flying, know of alternative flights and connecting cities in case of cancellations and delays. 8) Bring some snacks and items you keep you busy while waiting for a flight or you are sitting in traffic. 9) Use your smartphone to help with travel too. Download apps that will alert you when travel issues occur. Make sure the phone is fully charged. 10 If you are flying, ship the presents before hand. If you are going to fly with the presents, do not wrap them, make sure they are small and packable. So here are some traveling tips for this holiday season. Whatever you do, travel safe and smart.