Haunted Places in the United States

Most Haunted Places in the United States

It is October. The weather is getting cooler. The fireplaces are roaring. The scary stories are being told before Halloween. (Heck just driving through my neighborhood in the dark scares me to pieces). So I got to thinking. What are some of the scariest places in the United States.


There are the usual sanitariums, correctional facilities, hospitals and churches. There is Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville Kentucky. This place was where a person with tuberculosis would go to be cured. One might hear the steps of someone who is not there. Another place is the The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum - Weston, West Virginia, where violent offenders and drug addicts would be placed to die. It is said that there is a little girl named “Lilly” who waits to play with you. The Ohio State Reformatory - Mansfield, Ohio is another reformatory that turned into a institutional area. There are reports that the inmates attack the staff. Some people claim to smell the rose perfume of the warden’s wife Helen. Mission San Miguel - San Luis Obispo, California is another area that is “Haunted”, the owners and family  of the hotel and store at the time was murdered. The place is now a church and the priest that stayed there some time ago come back to verify the church is doing well.  


I wanted to see if there were other places that are haunted also. As I did my research, I noticed that one place that is haunted is the White House. Abe Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge and Abigail Adams are walking up and down the hallways to the bedrooms. The Queen Mary in Long Beach California, has little children playing in the hallways of the ship. Another hotel is the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Marilyn Monroe may make an appearance in the ballroom, or you might see Montgomery Clift walking the hallways. One of the more Haunted areas in the United States is Gettysburg Pennsylvania. People claim to hear cannon fire and people screaming.

While searching for Haunted areas in your area, just be careful that the ghost will not follow you home. You also might like to visit the areas in the bright of day.