Getaway Weekends Ideas

Winter Blues got you down? In a rut? Feeling burnt out? Want to get away for the weekend?

Sometimes it is just good to get out of the house and spread your wings. Even if it is a few miles away from your home. It is even better that you don’t put all the time and money in a longer vacation. Well here are some ideas for that weekend getaway.

  1. Look for a vacation home/rental. You can rent a home without all those pesky things like paying the mortgage,  mowing the lawn or cleaning windows.  If you rent with another family, the price decreases and the children have instant playmates.
  2. Some State Parks offers off the grid, rustic bare bones cabins. Some offer hiking trails nearby. This is great quiet area for listening to nature and or fishing. You can listen to the birds, see some lizards and walk to trails to decompress and unwind from the rigors of homelife.
  3. On that idea, you can go camping. You can rent a tent or if you have one, toss it in the car and find a campsite you can stay.
  4. You can use some apps to find cheaper hotels within your driving distance.
  5. Pretend you are the tourist in your own city. You can also use apps to find coupons for restaurants, and other attractions, and specials that are nearby.
  6. Go to the Beach. Soak up some rays and absorb some Vitamin D. Some homeowners will charge cheaper rent for something spur of the moment or off peak season.
  7. Cruise to Nowhere. There are no ports of call. No extra port fees. Just one or 2 days of sailing on the water to no destination.
  8. Hello Casinos it is time for a gambling night. You can go to the great restaurants at the casino and see some attractions. Some hotels  are offered at lower rates, The bonus is that most casinos are in every state


So here are some things to do for a weekend getaway, The point is to get out of the hectic everyday tedium. Have fun!