Flight tips

Imagine this: You are flying from Hong Kong to New York. This means you are on a long airplane flight. How do you survive all that time on that plane? Well here are some ideas to keep you from going crazy on the flight.


  1. First and foremost, choose your seat wisely. Try to get an aisle seat. Sometimes the middle seat is too close to the other passengers. If you are on the aisle seat, you can get up and move around easier than climbing over the next passenger.
  2. Try to sit in the back. This way you can move your seat back without bothering the person behind you and you do not have to sit upright for all that time,
  3. Do not eat a lot on the plane. If you eat until you are so full, you would have to run to the restroom multiple times. Eat, but do not eat until you are what I call  “sick full”.  Have some snacks like nuts or pretzels.
  4. Keep hydrated. Take the water that is offered to you, or you can ask for water from the service station.
  5. Bring a jacket or sweater to wear on those cold flights. Sometimes pillows help when you are trying to sleep and you can use it to lean on the wall.
  6. Bring an extra charger for your phone, or tablets, watch a movie that takes a long time.  Or if you are old school like me, books or magazines are great to keep you occupied.
  7. Women wear light makeup. You can refresh towards the end of the flight.
  8. Avoid the alcohol. This will dehydrate you and you would need to hydrate even more. See Step 4).
  9. Be nice to the flight attendants. They are flying the same distance as you. They might give you an extra blanket or ice cream cup.
  10. DO not look at the travel time Sometimes you feel like you have been flying for hours and it is only 1 hour into the flight. That will make the time seem to go slower.

So here are some tips to help you not go crazy on a long flight. Try to relax and enjoy the flight. Keep in mind you destination will be there soon enough. Have a great flight!