Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday/Cyber Monday


The Turkey has been cooked. The parade is over. Santa is here! What is better than giving thanks for all the gifts we have in our lives than to go out early morning and shop? This is the time of the year when stores start to make a profit! This is the time of year the customer is supposed to get the best deals and the best prices.


This Friday is the start of the Christmas Shopping season. With that, the stores open usually around 6 A.M. (Some may be even earlier). In the past couple of years there have been deaths and injuries at the opening of some stores.


For me, I went to a national toy store one Black Friday and I was disappointed, The items I wanted were not on sale and I did not purchase anything. On the other hand I have friends that shop all day and most of their Christmas shopping is done.


Now you can get some great deals on Cyber Monday. You just have to be on line. You do not have to leave your own home. You can get deals on line for shopping, electronics, travel, food and more. And since you are on our site, you can check out the travel deals that is offering at this time. Sometimes when you leave your items in the shopping cart online. When you come back to that cart you will receive some discounts or something that will give you credit.


When you go shopping either at the store or online, try to have fun and enjoy. You are doing this for a reason and try not to let a bad thing ruin your day. The reason you are shopping is to make someone else happy. Please keep that in mind.