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Cindy Cochran
very easy to book thank you
Brenda Hutchison
I liked the break down of the different prices for length of stay and the discount coupon was a great plus!
Yolanda Means
Convenient and close to the airport
David Mullin
A hundred percent satisfied with service
Don Walker
Easy to navigate. All questions I had were posted on the web site.
Kathleen Dolgos
Nice place to stay when flying out early in morning. We are repeat customers.
Caroline Duxbury
I was able to get a room cheaper through Stay Park Travel than calling the hotel directly!
Charles Lamb
The process was quite easy and the prices were very good, The hotel I booked personally, saved me about $40, That is a nice savings when you are traveling on vacation, thank you for getting us good rates,
Laurence McDonald
It was a very easy process and I am glad I found the website easy to use
Steven Hundley
I usually don't use web sites to book rooms because many are not trustworthy, but thought I would give ParkSleepHotels a try because the quoted price was so good After I made my reservation I called the hotel directly to confirm my reservation but they had no record of my arrival. I immediately thought the website was a hoax. I called the ParkSleepHotels phone number. Much to my surprise, a live person answered. The representative explained they need to contact the hotel to get a confirmation number and the hotel had not responded back. She said it may take a day or two. Sure enough, just a few hours later I received confirmation from ParkSleepHotels that my hotel reservations have been confirmed. I called the hotel and they confirmed my reservation. So far I am very pleased with ParkSleepHotels and the price quoted is much better then the price quoted directly with the hotel. I would highly recommend ParkSleepHotels as a trustworthy website.
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